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Sleeping Beauties House Reflection



Sleeping Beauties House Reflection

In the different countries of the world there are beliefs specific to each region, the same ones that allow you to have a broader vision of the country, you do not always have the opportunity to visit countries, but you can enjoy all that culture through reading. The literary work “The House of the Sleeping Beauties” allows us to know one of the most important cultures such as Japan.

Japan has great relevance due to its art, history, language and literature. There were several influences for Yasunari Kawabata to write the mentioned novel, one of those influences was the art of the nude. In the novel, important themes were analyzed, among them the loneliness of longevity, in each of the themes the culture of this country is emphasized, one of the traditional attire is a kimono, this attire allows us to know that millennial Japan. Eguchi, the protagonist of the story, remembers having an affair with a woman who wears an elegant Kimono, this costume sales her look more beautiful and gives her a sensual charm.

The perception of each individual depends on the society in which it develops, hence the importance of knowing the cultural context of each country. The use of tea is another traditional element of this country, which attracted a lot of attention, a drink that purifies. The old people drank the tea, in order to obtain peace of mind.

Another topic dealt with in the oral activity was prostitution, as a consequence of poverty that became more radical after the Second World War, therefore, the economic crisis began to affect it, hence many women decided to dedicate themselves to the activity of prostitution. . In the literary work it is appreciated in the sleeping beauties that give company to long-lived people, the mimes that pay for that task.

Through his work, Yasunari Kawabata sales known the irruption of other cultures in his country, contaminating their ancestral traditions, minimizing their roots, through the loss of values ​​at the very moment of culturalization.

Finally, the themes and contexts analyzed reveal the social problems of the moment, expressed with a reflective and descriptive style, in which Kawabata describes the deep loneliness of Eguchi and the other elderly visitors to the brothel, who are enjoying their last days. moments with beautiful women who are drugged and when they wake up they don’t know who they spent the night with.

Words: 400


symbolic representation of eroticism

In the literary work “The house of the sleeping beauties” the most representative theme is that of eroticism, seen as the door, so that the human being feels pleasure, involving all his senses, in order for the couple to have a meeting satisfying, special and unique.

The nudity of bodies is seen as part of the art in Japan, it is the state in which the bodies find magic. Natural beauty is sublime, in which it causes the use of all the senses, triggering pleasant sensations, in which bodies can love each other without reservations, or perhaps just express that charm of feeling complemented by smells, flavors, listening, examined, the soft bodies of young girls, as seen in the sleeping beauties of the literary work.

Therefore, it leads us to ask ourselves the following question: How is the theme of eroticism symbolized in the literary work “The House of the Sleeping Beauties?”

At present, the images of nude women is an art, being influenced by ancient cultures, the female figure has always aroused interest, the body is an inspiration for sculptors, painters, writers, in which reflections on naturalness are made, without tricks or saleup, just the body as it is. In the literary work, the long-lived enjoyed the naked body of their companions, discovering their naturalness, they could not cover their bodies because they were beautiful, they perceived freshness, they were soft, all these characteristics, displayed by the youth of women. The elderly felt satisfied with the pleasure offered in the brothel, because they demonstrated all their eroticism, without the need to reach a sexual act, in addition to being a requirement of the brothel administrator.

The eroticism has had different moments, in its genesis the eroticisms was identified with the meeting of the senses, in which the pleasure was detached from the whole body; later it was seen as the most important part of a sexual contact, that is, if eroticism was not started, the sexual act was annulled, later it was denigrated when thinking that eroticism is synonymous with having sexual relations, without it existing before the excitement that is fundamental to it. Currently, many women complain that in intimacy the man is satisfied and almost never the woman.

In mythology the goddess Aphrodite represented beauty, from this mythological knowledge it is inferred that eroticism begins from the beauty of the body; However, the true beauty is found in the combination of feelings, love is the only feeling that, from its sparkles, allows one to discover the true beauty not only of bodies, but also of souls.

The writer Yasunari Kawabata is one of the greatest exponents of literature since he is the first Japanese writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, this existentialist author experiences difficult situations in his life, such as being orphaned and without close relatives, of Hence, he is qualified as an existentialist, loneliness prompted him to study Japanese literature, because from writing he found the source of relief, in each writing the loneliness of the author is appreciated, the maternal lack was a trigger, to be placed in each story to the female figure, in which the nostalgia for the maternal absence is evident. Despite plas the figure of the woman, no one could fill this void, he finally commits suicide in Zushi on April 16, 1972.

Kawabata’s narrative expertise aims to express sensitivity and a clear example is found in his literary work “The House of Sleeping Beauties” through an omniscient narrator, the protagonist, a 67-year-old man, is known who wants before he dies to feel again the vigor of youth, together with slender bodies that were available every night that he spent in the inn, several pages of the work, a lonely Eguchi is seen, sad and withered by old age, who wants to revive his eroticism as when he was young, but he realizes that true eroticism is lived when the senses are put to work, without the need to reach the sexual act.

The author’s style is descriptive in which descriptions of landscapes can be appreciated such as the inn in which the rooms were dimly lit, in which the female figure with all its charms can be appreciated:

They were the crimson velvet curtains. The crimson was even deeper in the dim light. It seemed as if a thin layer of light floated before the curtains, and he was entering a ghost. There were curtains on all four walls and also at the door, but here they were drawn to one side. He locked the door, dropped the curtain, and looked at the girl.

At the moment of being in the room alone with the girl several times, Eguchi elaborates internal monologues, in which he questions his and the girls’ lives, sad and lonely lives, the two needed each other; Eguchi needed company, to feel alive and he could only feel it when he was with young women full of life, the women needed their money to support themselves and help their relatives, when contemplating the beauty of the girls he remembered a space in his life, his lovers , his wife, his daughters, his mother. Eguchi visits the inn five times, in order to remember, because it is to live again.

The theme of eroticism predominates in the visits of the elderly, they want to feel that they are alive displaying other kinds of feelings, the result is optimal, many elderly feel renewed, have pleasant dreams, women bring them back to life, in this way the long-lived cling to the life.

Eguchi internally always questioned the restriction that he believed to be the most important, the sexual act, which was prohibited, he felt that it was a mockery of fate to believe that a man in old age could not bear sexual intimacy, although he did not disclose his to feel the administrator, who believed that the old idiosyncratic people paid for their wishes to be happy, touching bodies, in reality many men who visited the inn were much older than him, perhaps the administrator’s thought was true, even more so when she He learned that Fusako had died of a heart attack while being with a sleeping beauty the night before. Death is like a dream Fusako slept happily ever after.

The movements of the girls as fleeting characters made Eguchi feel pleasant, each meeting that the protagonist had in the inn was important, Eguchi simulated a conversation with each girl, as if she could hear her, she also did not accept that women will find themselves drugged , but it was the rule of the house, perhaps the girls put that condition, because they knew that they were dealing with old people. The elderly at this stage need to be listened to, taken into account, currently it has been seen that many families abandon their parents in this difficult stage, they are completely forgotten, hence the elderly desperately seek company and no matter what to get it have to pay as did the visitors who came to the inn.

El erotismo empieza desde lo más simple hasta lo más complejo, especialmente para los ancianos, quienes se encuentran en una condición de desventaja en relación a los hombres jóvenes. Los ancianos simbolizan la experiencia, se sienten extasiados frente a los cuerpos desnudos, su deseo es tan fuerte de continuar siendo jóvenes que acuden a la posada, para demostrar su hombría, pero es irónico, porque es justamente en esas visitas que se dan cuenta que sus cuerpos se ha ido deteriorado, una realidad que quieren evadir, pero que finalmente todos terminan por aceptar.

Para finalizar. el tema del erotismo, está representado en el momento de los encuentros de los ancianos con sus bellas acompañantes, en la que están inmiscuidos sentimientos y estos a su vez se complementa con sensaciones que estaban olvidadas, porque sus cuerpos estaban desgastados por los años; sin embargo, las habían sentido en la etapa de su juventud. El acto sexual es visto como un apetito sexual prohibido en la posada, oportunidad aprovechada para orientar al tema del erotismo desde su verdadero significado. El arte de amar se encuentra en saber aprovechar todas las tácticas que se encuentra en el propio cuerpo, se considera al erotismo simbólicamente como un todo, los sentidos cobran importancia, muchas parejas creen que es innecesario, cuando en la utilización se encuentra el verdadero deleite y placer,

Eguchi had a fundamental role in this literary work, he comes to understand that the passage of time is part of life itself, when a life was not felt, simply sterile, perhaps this is the reason why both the author and Eguchi have not had joyful memories, leaving his sorrow felt in the last stage of his life.

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Fortunately, evap coils are easy to clean. You can remove dirt and debris by hand or with the help of a shop vac. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to clean a coil.

First, you need to turn off the power to the system. This will prevent the compressor from turning on. If your evaporator coils are covered in pet hair, you can remove it by vacuuming.

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Opening hours

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Home Depot’s Petoskey store is located on 1700 Anderson Rd. It is open six days a week, and offers a number of useful services, such as their patented Home Depot router. They have a number of products that are on promotion, including 13 different items.

Phone number

If you are in the Petoskey area and are in need of home improvement supplies, check out Home Depot. It is a chain retailer that sells appliances, tools, and other products. They also offer truck rentals. The chain opened in 1978, and has since grown to over 2,250 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In addition to providing home improvements, they also repair household items and custom-make products.

You can find out what the hours are at a Home Depot store near you by looking on their website. A map is provided to show you what stores are closest to you. Also, they have business and evening hours, as well as a street address. When you know the location, you can call the store to make an appointment.


Home Depot Petoskey – 1700 Anderson Rd has a range of products and services. Customers can buy tools, home improvement items, and appliances, and even receive installation services. Aside from providing customers with a full range of household necessities, the store also custom-makes a wide variety of other household items. The company also operates an e-commerce business. During the week, the store offers four circulars, and customers can choose from a number of promotional offers. Besides, the company provides its customers with a map of the store, which includes the store’s address, its location, and its hours of operation.

Home Depot is a large chain that sells tools, appliances, and other household supplies. It is the world’s largest home improvement retailer, and it employs nearly 400,000 associates. Moreover, the company operates 2,200 stores in the United States and Canada.

Stores in the U.S.

The Home Depot Petoskey store at 1700 Anderson Rd is open Monday to Saturday. It is located at the Bear Creek Plaza. They have 13 products on promotion at the moment. Besides that, they also offer installation services. For more information, contact them at 587-986-5777.

This chain home improvement retailer sells appliances, tools, and other products. Some of their stores also offer truck rentals. Moreover, they have a e-commerce business as well. All of their stores are staffed with nearly 400,000 associates. So, you’ll definitely get the best service when you visit them. Whether you’re looking to get a new carpet, install a ceiling fan, or simply paint your walls, you can be sure that they have what you need.

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There are over one million products available in the Home Depot, and it is the world’s largest home improvement retailer. The chain of stores offers a variety of tools, appliances, home improvement supplies, and other products, along with installation services. You can find The Home Depot in Petoskey, Michigan, on 1700 Anderson Rd. This store is open Monday through Saturday. For more information, see the full listing on the The Home Depot website.

Customers may be able to save money by shopping for home improvement materials at the Home Depot in Petoskey. The store offers four circulars a week. Customers can also check out the coupons and promotions offered on the home improvement store’s website.


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